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This section has an inspirational book and biographies to enjoy. Narrated by the talented Carolyn Kashner!

Everyone is seeking for true happiness in their lives. It’s the most sought-after subject on earth. To be truly happy is a great mystery to many, as they search for joy in everyday life. In this book, you will learn specific things that will bring you true happiness. “If more people took the advice from this book and used it to its fullest, the world would be a different place. Some of the ideas are rather simple but the overall message is profound.” –Author Brooke Williams

Listen to a sample of Searching for True Happiness

In this biography, you will learn about the mischievous deeds Marcus did in his youth, then go on a journey to the panhandle of Florida and learn about his spiritual adventures in the south as he taught the gospel. You will also read about the adventures of Milred Gough, which guided her to finding her true love. This book has humorous events, adventures, and spiritual experiences.

Listen to a sample of Take A Walk with Marcus and Milred.

In this autobiography, I talk about the trials I faced when I had scoliosis, the casts and operations that lasted for three years. Attending college, serving as a young missionary, and falling in love were years to remember. Why did I call this book “Never Too Late To Dream?” After the age of 50, I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree, I performed for a concert series and made a CD, I became an author and toured the United States, teaching people how to write their biographies. It is never too late to dream.

Listen to a sample of Never Too Late To Dream.

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